Walnut is one of the most sought after materials available and one of the most valuable timbers grown. A Walnut worktop is instantly recognizable with its beautiful deep, attractive dark colour and unique character. Walnut has some very interesting attributes; it’s easy to work with but remains strong and has good impact resistance. Walnut worktops have a rich colour variation, which gives warmth to any kitchen.

icon_silkwood Silkwood is our unique surface finish that results in one of the highest quality finishes in the market. The process was originally developed for oiling and finishing the new Eurostar St. Pancras terminal Jatoba wood flooring. With several million visitors every year passing over the floor it’s proven to be extremely hard wearing and stain resistant - that technology and experience has now been introduced into our worktop ranges so you can experience the benefit of Silkwood. The combination of WOCA penetrating oils and the patented Silkwood finish gives a finish that is unrivalled within the marketplace and a worktop that literally feels like silk!


    + -
Lenght Up to 5000mm 10 mm 0mm
Width Up to 1200mm 5 mm 0mm
Thickness 18, 30, 40mm
1 mm 1 mm
Width of lamellas 40,0 mm 4,0 mm 4,0 mm
Lenght of lamellas 350 mm 200 mm 200 mm

Moisture content: 8% +/- 2%

Sanding SILKWOOD surface finish
Egde shaping Sharp, "broken", beveled, postformed
Oiling WOCA FDA approved oil


  A side Front and back ends lamella B side
Sound tight knots max diameter 5 mm + - +
Sound tight knots chipped, - - +
Black knots tight + - +
Natural colour differences + + +
Inbark - - +
Holes, dents - - +
Splits, cracks and other defects from drying - - +
Chipped corners, - - +
Discolouration (metal) - - +
Rot, wormholes - - -
Heart + + +
Heart rays + + +
Sapwood Up to 15% + +
Fungus - - -
Visual glue lines 0,2 mm 0,2 mm +
Repairs - - +
Knot repairs + - +

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