VOLUME TRADING proudly announces the sponsorship of KAP Bardomewd

2016-04-12 08:32

- a youth team of footballers from Krosno, Poland.


FSC Certificate

2015-07-25 08:32

Volume Trading have been granted FSC certification for a further 5 years supply of sustainably sourced wood products.


Benelux SILKWOOD™ Distributors

2015-05-15 08:30

Archipan Nederland BV become Silkwood stockists for the service and supply for the Benelux region. Volume Trading are pleased to announce that Archipan will work as our partners in supplying our unique Silkwood real wood worktops as our Benelux distributors.


UK SILKWOOD™ Distibutors

2015-02-01 08:27

Volume Trading Europe are delighted to announce the appointment of the Panelco Meyer group as mainline UK distributors of our patented Silkwood range of real wood worktops. North of the boarder Tay Firth Laminates will cover Scottish distribution.